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Make data accessible from multiple platforms & devices. If I can't access data via my smart phone, tablet, etc, it is useless to me.

Compare with the way data is handled by products such as the old Palm Desktop, or now with Evernote, Google Calendar/Contacts, etc -- the data can be accessed from the desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and so on. Whether the data is...
Response from the site administrator
Vladonai, 14.09.2011
Yes, we are working in this direction. Soon we'll allow seamless synchronization over Internet/LAN/ and between .ddb files, synchronization is the first thing which is needed for linking with mobile platforms.
iaman, 14.09.2011, 09:30
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If I purchase a licence do I get upgrades for life or until the next major update?

I couldn't find anywhere on your site that made this clear.
Response from the site administrator
Vladonai, 14.09.2011
Yes, you'll get all minor upgrades for free. Plus, we guarantee, if major upgrade will be released within month you'll have it (and all minor upgrades for it) for free.

Also note: so far we didn't release any paid upgrades - the upgrade from version 1 to 2 was free, we only reserve our right to introduce upgrade price in the future.

You can find all the details here -
Whiterabbit-uk, 14.09.2011, 07:59
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Allow import of custom icons for use with notes and folders

bmadtiger, 14.09.2011, 11:12
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Allow hyperlinks (to internet sites, files, notes etc) that have different text displayed instead of the address (as HTML does)

bmadtiger, 14.09.2011, 11:16
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Create new notes based on a template or have user defined forms so that different types of notes can have the same type of data entered into fields (eg contacts have First Name, Last Name etc whilst Websites have a URL, description and rating)

bmadtiger, 14.09.2011, 11:39
21 votes Vote

Support standard Windows shortcut keys for menu access

bmadtiger, 14.09.2011, 11:09
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when I activated All My Notes it says it expires in 9-28-11 what happened?

Ed, 14.09.2011, 09:25
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Import KeePass file.

If you want folks to rely on your program to hold passwords you've got to give them the ability to import their existing file and, apparently, you don't unless they happen to use Roboform. That's a deal-breaker for me.
Herr Black, 14.09.2011, 09:07
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Make the program embedable.

Make the program embedable. Handy tool for website management. Note hardly any programs on the market do this; Allow you to manage business from right in your site, without closing window to reach O/S tools.
ya_nova, 14.09.2011, 10:02
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Allow sync between portable & desktop version. For now it doesn't make sense to install it on diff disks.

Ototo, 14.09.2011, 15:52
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I'd like to suggest an option to 'only keep the last XX backups' instead 'delete backups older than XX days'

Robert, 14.09.2011, 16:59
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Add scanner input. Add ability to scan documents from my scanner directly into a note (storing the image in the note). Selection for OCR if text-based or image only would be really nice but not required.

Deb, 14.09.2011, 17:53
9 votes Vote

Add a web clipper for popular browsers, which automatically also clips the URL, and if possible, allows you to select the destination folder under your

Joe T., 14.09.2011, 14:58
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does not install on win 7 64bit

farooq, 14.09.2011, 13:52
4 votes Vote

Did not install

Tom Odom, 14.09.2011, 15:13
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Allow input from tablets (Handwritten notes or notation)

Cam Stone, 15.09.2011, 00:38
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Add a Calendar (sync with Google Calendar?) and a way to save/export files as .doc files.

Admin Nimda, 15.09.2011, 05:40
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Is there a way to import evernote 2.0 files too ? (extension *.enx)

Robert, 14.09.2011, 12:11